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Booklets and Magazines

Booklets and Magazines

Using the latest printing technology means that we can produce even small quantities of booklets and magazines economically. Whether colourful and glossy, or simply black and white, these can be stapled, stitched or bound. We can even add a hardcover, to give it a super-quality feel.

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File sizes can vary as the system scales your artwork to fit the product selected.

PDF is the required file type for upload and printing.

Tips for awesome booklets…

  1. Thick or thin? We can produce these from 4 pages right up to 700 pages in size.
  2. Think about the reader when designing, don’t overwhelm them with text and leave plenty of white space for legibility and contrast.
  3. If you’re not sure of the best binding or finish to choose, ask us for samples and advice. uses cookies to enhance your experience

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