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Planning an event? Leave nothing to chance.

While you can’t 100% guarantee success, we’ve put together this simple event guide which we hope will keep you on track:

01. Determine the purpose
Set an objective(s) for your event. It’s the only way you can determine afterwards whether or not it was a success. Do you want to raise funds, or awareness? Perhaps further a cause, increase membership, or just ensure attendees have fun?!

02. Write an action plan
Be clear who is responsible for what. Deadlines are critical and keep everyone accountable and on-track.

03. Allow plenty of time
An impromptu party with mates is one thing but an event for a large number of people can’t be pulled together at the last minute. Make sure to work backwards from the date allowing time in case things go wrong or slip.

04. Budget
Create a realistic budget and, critically, stick to it. Make someone ultimately responsible. A person that you trust to document everything and be accountable.

05. Get permission
Don’t assume it will be OK to meet at a venue, use an image (of someone or a brand) in your promotions, sell food or alcohol, etc. Anything you’re not 100% convinced is the right side of the law or licensing authorities needs to be double-checked beforehand.

06. Risk assessment
Health and Safety is no one’s favourite subject. However, as organiser, you do have a duty of care to those that will be attending your event. Make sure you plan and prepare for the worst.

07. Contracts
Any suppliers you engage with will likely ask you to sign a contract. It’ll mean they are legally obliged to provide what they said they will, and that you’ll pay what you’ve agreed. Check the detail and make sure you’re happy with the terms.

08. Promotions and tickets
Find as many ways to promote your event as possible and don’t simply rely on social media or word-of-mouth.  When it comes to printed stuff, make sure to speak to us as we can provide

  • Tickets
  • Posters
  • Leaflets and flyers
  • Banners and pull-ups
  • Printed t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and caps
  • Giveaways like mugs, balloons, and other gifts

09. The Event
On the day itself, remember “Keep calm and carry on!” Your planning should mean you’re not too stressed and everything is under control. Simply make sure that

  • Everyone involved knows where they should be and what they should be doing
  • They’re aware of emergency procedures and what to do if something goes wrong
  • You have final confirmation from all suppliers and their contact details to-hand

10. Post-event
In the cold light of day, make an evaluation of your event, in line with your objectives:

  • Did you achieve what you wanted?
  • Did everyone involved in the planning deliver?
  • Was it all achieved in time?
  • Did you keep within your budget?
  • What was the feedback from attendees?
  • With hindsight, would you have done anything different?

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